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What It Means to Put Your Users First.

Creating Google-Free Space that Protects Your Privacy (updated 12 May 2003 to include a new link to Google's own page on removing content from the index and removing newsgroup posts or preventing them from being archived)

The Danger of Defining "Ethical" SEO in Terms of Search Engine Compliance.

Fantomaster's Perspective on Cloaking, Deception, Search Engines, and SEO.

SearchEthos looks at the charges of Hype and Hypocrisy behind SEO Ethics.

SearchEthos considers Google's influence and impact.

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses specific techniques to improve a web site's visibility on the search engines. Specifically, this can result in better rankings for specific keywords. For example, a well-optimized site might rank in the top-10 results for a search on the keyword "widgets" or keyword phrase "blue widgets". (Read more about "What is search engine optimization?")

Why should I care? (How search engine optimization affects you for better or worse- even if you don't have a website!)

SearchEthos focuses on discussing and providing best practices in SEO and for search usability. As our name suggests, we're interested in:

- the character or way of life behind search and search marketing on the internet,

- how we shape and are shaped by search methodologies and search engine optimization techniques,

- the impact of internet search on our lives.

This includes the ethical issues that arise from changes or growth in the internet search community (such as improvements in search technology).

Like any other profession, there are good and bad techniques in SEO. And misinformation aplenty about both.

SearchEthos is committed to encouraging long-term practices that both 1) assist the search engines in spidering and indexing good content on the Internet, and 2) gain greater visibility for sites that exemplify such best practices.

Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy and your information will never be sold or provided to any lists, organizations, or businesses.

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