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Christina Buu-Hoan has been providing SEO services to numerous clients since 2000. Most of the NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) she signs prohibit her from mentioning names although references are available upon request. She further restricts her services, particularly in competitive industries where there is a potential conflict of interest, by signing a voluntary agreement not to work with any of her client's listed competitors within a three-year span of services.

With two M.A.s in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow, Scotland and the University of Illinois at Chicago, she is well-suited to ask both methodological questions of search mechanics and ethical questions of the internet community arising from the use of such different SEO principles.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, the majority of her clients are nationwide and international. She accepts a limited amount of pro-bono work for non-profit organizations or personal sites that contribute significant value to the internet community.

christina buu-hoan

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