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At SearchEthos, we believe that search engine optimization (SEO) should serve the user (the public) first. All other principles stem from placing users first.

We provide SEO consulting services, implementation, and internet research. We can advise you on other SEO companies you want to work with, SEO techniques that have been recommended to you, or SEO methods you've previously applied.

A typical SEO project from start to finish involves:

  • solid keyword research
  • analysis of your current site or site in progress (including log analysis, if log reports are available)
  • content recommendations (and content creation, if desired) tailored to your particular keywords
  • html tag analysis and recommendations
  • link analysis, research, and building (including direct link requests)
  • quality reviews
  • directory and search engine submits
  • competitive analysis
  • management of a PPC campaign or recommendations on paid listings and ad placements

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